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We give superpowers to 
event organizers! 

Ideal for conferences, award functions & exhibitons.


eTicket QR Code

for attendees

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Event Manager


Why we created Visity?

We believe the creative intelligence of humanity should not be wasted standing in lines and filling out forms. Man landed on the moon in 1969 but till today we still use manual process with pen and paper for event attendance, visitor management and on-premise access control.


Ditch the clipboard. Go paperless with Visity!



tailored to fit event's 


Real Time Notifications

send email broadcasts to all your attendees on the go

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eTicket QR Code

sent to attendee upon registration via email

Mobile-first app

Grab a coffee and manage your event from your mobile. You don't need a laptop. 

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eTicket can only be scanned from a Visity scanner

Seamless User Experience

Your attendees will love the hassle free check-in experience

It's all about
the experience! 

Visity has been designed for simplicity and ease of use for event managers and attendees.

How it Works?

Created for Event Organisers

There is a lot going on behind the scenes. We understand the pain of event organisers and have designed Visity to make it super easy to host manage events. 

Say goodbye to manual pen and paper processes and hello to the convenience of Visity for your next event.

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