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Why we started Visity? 

(in the founder’s own words)

I attend a lot of events, think conferences, seminars, ehxibtions, talk series etc. The registration process on the day of the event is (for a lack of a better term) a pain in the ass and I was constantly frustrated with the cumbersome process of manually verifying attendee information.

There is usually a person checking names off a printed list (which is sometimes not even in alphabetical order) or the more tech savvy onces have their laptops with a spreadsheet open. It seems trivial at first but once you think about it you realize this process is slow and unorganized. This problem is even more pronounced when you have more than 100 attendees. If you have organised events in the past then you know exactly what I am talking about.

As a software engineer who believes in delivering awesome user experience, I thought there has got to be a better way to solve this. It is this thought that sowed the seeds for Visity.

Amish Thaker

Founder & CEO

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