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Say goodbye
to the clutter of collecting and managing physical visiting cards!

Create your personalized QR Code and

give superpowers to your networking.


Scan QR Code to

Download on iOS or Android

What is Visity?

Visity revolutionizes the way professionals connect, share, and engage at business events and exhibitions. Our innovative app eliminates the need for physical visiting cards, paving the way for seamless, eco-friendly networking.


With Visity, your personalised QR Code not only simplifies sharing your contact details but also transforms into your digital Access Pass or eTicket for exclusive events and exhibitions.

Streamlined Event Experience

Effortless Entry for Every Event: Whether it's a free seminar or a premium conference, Visity simplifies entry for attendees. Download our mobile app, and your QR code becomes your ticket in. For paid events, our integrated registration form and payment gateway activate your QR code the moment you complete the transaction. You'll receive a direct link to download the app, ensuring your entry is as smooth as your networking.


Empowering Exhibition Organizers

Simplify Your Event Management: Visity is the ultimate tool for exhibition organizers seeking to streamline registrations and data collection. Encourage your attendees to sign up and create their digital visiting card. Our dedicated QR scanner app makes on-site registrations a breeze, and attendees can effortlessly network and exchange information via their personal QR codes.


Enhancing Exhibitor Engagement

Maximize Your Exhibitor Impact: With Visity, exhibitors can effortlessly capture attendee information and share their company details and brochures digitally. Our exhibitor app simplifies the process – scan an attendee's QR code, note down key discussion points, and choose to share your brochure via WhatsApp or email. It's networking made smart, simple, and sustainable.


Join the Eco-friendly Networking Movement

By choosing Visity, you're not just upgrading your networking experience; you're also making a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint. Every QR code used is a step towards a more sustainable planet.

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